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The Circus

The ultimate Christmas Party experience in Derby

This season the vintage ‘Circus’ comes to Derby’s flagship Christmas Party venue taking us back to yesteryear, where jaw dropping feats and fun filled fantasy were truly stuff of legend! Ladies and Gentlemen we invite you to a Christmas party like no other, where skills, thrills and wonderment combine to produce the very best Christmas party memories. Roll up Roll up… The Circus is in Town!

Your party night has finally arrived as you make your way towards the legendary party venue. As the doors open to the iconic Roundhouse, the uplifting and contagious spirit of ‘The Circus’ instantly consumes you. Leaving the cold winter evening behind you, you shed your coats at the cloakroom and head towards the electrifying atmosphere that awaits.

The devilish Ringmaster heralds your arrival as you make your way further into the venue to meet friends and colleagues. The buzz and excitement is overwhelming as exotic and timeless characters of The Circus mingle with you and your fellow partygoers, serving delectable and delicious canapés to one and all.

Choose from four well stocked bars with premium ice cold beers, fine wines and crisp spirits, or make your way to our exclusive cocktail bar where mixologists wait to tempt you with colourful cocktails created to order. As the music levels rise, so do the exotic circus characters as they use their bodies to push the boundaries of possibility in mind-blowing spectacles of skill, distortion and contortion.

You are beckoned to continue your journey into the main room and as you take your seats, the lights dim and the ultimate circus experience begins. Performers fly, spin and twist as you enjoy a succulent three- course dinner, fine wine and good company.

As the last spoonful of dessert is devoured, the lights cut to an explosion of light and sound that marks the beginning of our dazzling finale. As the Circus group closes their epic show, the power passes to the DJ and the dancefloor passes to you! An uplifting blend of classic party tunes and modern day hits instantly lures you onto the floor to begin dancing the night away.

Elsewhere in the building a host of after dinner entertainment has appeared to take your party experience into the early hours. Casino tables open and fairground stalls begin to ply their trade. The Dodgems begin to whirr and the chocolate fountain attracts the chocoholics! While some take coffee and chocolates in a quieter area.

As midnight approaches breakfast rolls are served against the vista of twinkling lights and inspiring scenery. The night has been a true party masterpiece... one that will be talked about well into the New Year!

As the evening draws to an unwelcome end, your heart is lifted as you reflect on the fun filled night you and your party have enjoyed. You’ll always remember the party where you left reality at the door and joined The Circus when it came to town!

What to Expect

A Spectacular Evening of Entertainment
  • City centre location
  • Derby’s leading Christmas party venue
  • Spectacular vintage ‘Circus’ theming throughout the award winning venue
  • World class traditional Circus style aerial and ground based entertainment such as tightrope walking, trapeze, flying hoop, contortion and acro-balance
  • Delicious canapéreception
  • 3-course dinner, coffee & chocolates
  • Midnight breakfast
  • Chocolate fountain
  • Professional cocktail bar
  • Fairground attractions**
  • After dinner disco & professional DJ
  • Casino tables including Blackjack & Roulette **
  • Free onsite car park
  • Event security
  • Free cloakroom
  • Full disabled access
Click here or call 01455 557 829 to book tickets today!

*These items are optional - there will be a small charge on the evening
**Fun Casino - all profits are donated to our chosen charity, the NSPCC

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